Move aside, white and gold/blue and black dress. One other issue has stepped up and is worthy of a debate – Cinderella’s waist. Or rather, the waist of the actress who plays Cinderella, Lily James.

Now that we’re just a week away from the worldwide release of Disney’s live-action Cinderella remake, Lily James is keeping busy with the movie’s promotional campaign, which requires a lot of appearances and having to field questions from the media.

Lily James attends the World Premiere Of Disney’s “Cinderella” in LA on 1st March 2015 (Source: Getty Images)
Lily James attends the World Premiere Of Disney’s “Cinderella” in LA on 1st March 2015 (Source: Getty Images)

Surprisingly, the one question that’s frequently asked has got nothing to do with the film’s plot whatsoever.


“Was CGI used to slim down Lily James’ super tiny Cinderella waist?”

This is because when the first images from the movie were released, they spurred controversy and set off a firestorm of speculations that Disney used special effects to make Lily appear slimmer.

In case you missed it, here:

For starters, the 25-year-old star previously revealed that she worked hard and even went on a liquid diet to transform her figure in order to suit that of the Disney princess. On top of that, the dress created the perfect illusion because the skirt is quite big and therefore, the proportions made it look smaller than it is. Also, the naturally small-waisted Lily James also revealed that she wore a corset that “pulls” her in during the filming of “Cinderella”.

When we say “pulls” her in, we mean that the corset part of the gown slimmed her down to a 17-inch waist.


So in short, no, there was no CGI involved in slimming her down.

And while we’re on the topic of Cinderella’s dress, re-imagining the iconic ball gown for the first-ever live action remake of the Disney classic was the brainchild of Oscar-winning costume designer Susan Powell. It took 270 yards of fabric, over three miles of hemming, and “glass” slippers made of Swarovski crystal.


Watch the trailers here:

Disney’s “Cinderella” is slated for a 13th March 2015 release.

Sources: E! Online, ABC.

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