Our hearts shattered upon hearing the news that Ahn Sojin, a member of Baby KARA, has passed away due to an apparent suicide. She was only 22 years old.

According to Korean media outlets, Sojin was found unconscious on a flowerbed by a residence official of an apartment on 24th February in Daejeon, Daedeok-gu. She was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, she did not make it. A rep from the Daedeok police station stated that the police have concluded the case as suicide because they did not find any traces of evidence that would suggest it’s a homicide or an accident.

The family of the deceased are having a very difficult time, they want to send her off peacefully so there will not be any autopsy,” he added.

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After Nicole and Ji-young left K-pop girl group KARA, Sojin joined “KARA Project: The Beginning” to fulfill her dream to become a singer in Korea. During the 6-episode programme, she charmed the fans with both her bright smile and sexy image on stage. She has been described as a sweet girl with a bright personality as she revealed that “having fun” is her motto during an interview segment for the KARA Project:

Having fun is my motto. The moments that seem hard to endure and tiring later turn into happy memories.

She was a trainee under DSP Media for 5 years before joining the show as a contestant and a member of Baby KARA. However, after the completion of the show, she returned to her home in Daejun, Daedukgu.

Although she was known for her positive attitude, it is said that she had been suffering from depression, which drove her to committing suicide. However, no suicide note was found in her apartment and the police stressed that people should “refrain from exaggerated reports as well as guess work”.

DSP Media was shocked to receive the news and has since released a statement regarding her passing:

We received this tragic news very suddenly today, we are attempting to do everything we can for the family and hope no conjectures and guess work articles

The talent agency also revealed that the singer was not a member of their upcoming girl group named April as she had terminated her contract with them about a month ago:


Sojin had recently terminated her contract with DSP. The family is having a very hard time right now and does not wish too many reports on the incident please refrain from making conjectures.

It has been announced that her wake was set up yesterday for a day. No further details about where the wake was set up but Sojin’s family have decided on cremation.

Source: Karaholic
Source: Karaholic

Our hearts go out to Sojin’s family, other members of Baby KARA, their friends, fans, as well as loved ones.

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