The higher they climb, the harder they fall.

There comes a point in life when it’s time to bid farewell to a great TV show. It’s no secret that after a few brilliantly amazing seasons, some shows start to dry up on the humour and decent plots before taking a turn for the worse. Normally, when this happens, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the show is done with. Sure, there could still be a thin ray of hope that viewers will get at least another one or two good seasons out of the shows but that’s not usually the case.

More often that not, due to decent ratings the show may still receive from their hopeless fans − let me just put it out there and say that we’ve all been there − these shows continue to go on and continue to fall into a deeper state of no return. With that being said, here comes a list of 5 TV shows that I feel may have already jumped the shark.


1. Supernatural

SOURCE: Supernatural - Facebook
SOURCE: Supernatural – Facebook

“Supernatural” quickly became one of the most watched TV shows when in premiered in 2005. Featuring 2 attractive brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki respectively), “Supernatural” follows their stories as they hunt down demons, malevolent spirits, and other paranormal entities. It goes without saying that “Supernatural” was a damn good show, I was a fan myself, but it got too draggy.

The fifth season of the show marked the end of what made “Supernatural” worth watching. From repeatedly using the same plot formula to bad writing, the show just deteriorated and well, was no longer worth watching.

2. American Idol


Currently in season 14, “American Idol” has honestly failed to hit those high notes for the longest time.

From annoying judges who let contestants through the next round out of sympathy to what feels like overdone drama from both contestants and judges, this is pretty much done. And what happened to the previous “American Idol” contestants anyway? The only one who successfully propelled to pop stardom are Kelly Clarkson (winner, 1st season), Carrie Underwood (winner, 4th season), and Adam Lambert (runner-up, 8th season). Come on, 14 seasons later and that’s all they’ve got?

We know they say that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings but hey, it’s high time for “American Idol” to call it quits.


3. Glee

SOUREC: Glee - Facebook
SOUREC: Glee – Facebook

You mean this isn’t over yet?

I’m sorry but no, just no. Everything about “Glee” became more and more annoying after the first 2 seasons. From ongoing drama to repeated plots and weak writing, it’s surprising that the show producers have managed to keep it going for this long. That having said, I think it’s time for the “Glee” students to bow out sans the song and a dance. Like now.

Besides, there are only so many chart-topping songs that they can make covers of before we all tire of it. Seriously, try/do something new.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

SOUCE: Grey's Anatomy - Facebook
SOUCE: Grey’s Anatomy – Facebook

“Grey’s Anatomy” is pretty much a hospital sex playground where surgeons and nurses sleep with each other. I will admit that “Grey’s Anatomy” has the tendency to fluctuate − from a brilliant start in it’s first 3 seasons to annoying everyone in the next 2 following seasons, to slowly recovering from the mess that was season 5 which mainly focused on Izzie Steven’s (played by Katherine Heigl) annoying delusional relationship with Denny Duquette (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to on-and-off relationships in the show.

It’s really about time for the series to follow Cristina Yang’s (played by Sandra Oh) departure in Season 10 and call it quits.

5. Criminal Minds

SOURCE: Criminal Minds - Facebook
SOURCE: Criminal Minds – Facebook

“Criminal Minds” is one of the many police procedural thrillers that has turned into a tired format. The show was off to a good start as the characters seemed to have more characterisation, featured original stories, and the cast worked really well together. Unfortunately, “Criminal Minds” failed to keep up its game and eventually fell victim of its own format. The stories started to be told over and over again, the original plots lost creativity, and the characters didn’t grow.

Honestly, “Criminal Minds” is not the only show within it’s genre that’s in need of rest − think NCSI and CSI 😉

All in all, these shows have been fun and it breaks my heart to say it, but the time has come to finally let them go.

Are there any that you disagree with or would have added? Sound off in the comments section.

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