So it seems that it’s really happening. Growing dating/matchmaking mobile app Tinder is moving forward with a new premium version called Tinder Plus. Yes, this means that Tinder users will have to start paying for the app, but only if they want to use the premium one. And why wouldn’t they? It sounds like Tinder Plus has attractive features that will definitely appeal to Tinder addicts.

In case you don’t know how Tinder works, you swipe right if you like someone and left if you don’t. Users have an unlimited number of swipes, so it feels like a mobile game as much as a dating app.

Tinder Premium


Yes, it’s that easy to use.

Now according to Tinder co-founder Sean Rad, the most requested feature they get asked for is a button to go back and have a second chance with people that users swipe left on. As a matter of fact, he said that everyone has wanted that feature from the beginning so it’s absolutely at the top of the list to develop for Tinder Plus. So, one of the central features of Tinder Plus will apparently be an “Undo” button, which lets people go back on the people they just swiped left on.

The paid version of Tinder also allows you to have “unlimited likes”:


The other central feature is the “Passport” button. This will allow people to search for other matches outside of their general location and toggle between those locations easily. As it stands right now, Tinder automatically searches within a certain geographic radius, with the user designating just how far out that circle goes. With Tinder Plus, users will be able to search for other Tinder players in different cities all over the world. Pretty handy for users who travel frequently.

Note: Tinder Plus is not a separate app but an in-app purchase. From what the company told TechCrunch, Tinder Plus may also include other features beyond Undo and Passport in future releases, based on user feedback and other demands. Tinder is not prepared to detail what those additions may be at this time, however.


For now, Tinder isn’t launching Tinder Plus in the US – yet. The dating app says its US launch is still on track for a mid-to-late March time frame. Instead, the paid version will roll out to a few select countries, including the UK, Brazil, and Germany, with only 40% of the user base in each of those markets gaining access to it.

Meanwhile, on the UK App Store there are three pricing tiers associated with v4.1.1 of the Tinder app (which was released on 2nd Feb), although in-app purchases do not appear to have been switched on yet, and there is no mention of the premium features in the app description.

The UK pricing tiers for Tinder Plus are £2.29, £3.99, and £7.99:

Tinder Plus UK Prices
Source: TechCrunch


So, what do you guys think? Would you pay for Tinder Plus? Do you even use Tinder Plus? Sound off in the comments box below!

Sources: TechCrunch, VentureBeat.

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