Did you notice? A mysterious video was uploaded on 4Minute’s official Youtube channel a couple of hours ago, indicating that the K-Pop idol girl group could or could not be making a comeback soon. This is because 57-second long teaser-like video doesn’t actually say much – how much can you really say in 57 seconds anyway, right?

In any case, the supposed teaser, titled “REVAMPED”, has nothing but the camera angled at a body of water for a good portion of the video, before a purple orb slowly emerges.  It then begins to fall apart before exploding to reveal 4Minute’s logo. What, you don’t believe us? It really happens!



What do you gather from the above video? Nothing much? We know, right? But let’s not forget that 4Minute member Gayoon recently uploading a teaser image on her personal Instagram, which says nothing except “FOUR MINUTE”. Hence, the above “teaser” video just added a whole lot more fuel to fire.

Not that we’re complaining 😉

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