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At the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour, HBO began their session with the announcement they jokingly acknowledged everyone wanted to hear – the return date for “Game of Thrones” (GoT). Yes, the TV series which had the most torrented season last year. If you’re a massive fan of the show like us, you would’ve seen or at least have heard of the cheeky little GoT S5 teasers that were recently released into the hungry eyes, ears, and mouths of the interwebs.

Game of Thrones Cast Goofy


GoT S5 will debut 12th April (Sunday) 9pm ET/PT for the kick off of 10 brand new episodes, as announced by HBO themselves.

Previous reports claimed that the new season would debut alongside HBO’s anticipated streaming service, though there’s no been no official word from the network on that front. In the meantime, maybe you should catch up on S4 of the show in preparation of the coming season.

We do wonder, however, what the new season will bring. What we know for now is that there’ll be an all-new cast (as announced during the 2014 SDCC), that we probably wouldn’t be seeing Bran or Hodor, and that fans will enjoy some flashback scenes,

Young Cersei Game of Thrones Season 5

Note: Cersei, played throughout the series by Lena Headey, apparently will be the subject of a flashback in the new episodes. Flashbacks have never been used before on the series, but in October 2014 it was revealed the show would snap back in time. In the new scene, a young Cersei will visit an old woman named Maggy the Frog. Nell Williams, who played Jess on the British comedy “The Revolting World of Stanley Brown,” will play the young Cersei.

We also know that we can expect beautiful cinematography (as always) since we’ve gotten a glimpse at the GoT set during the production of S5. In case you missed it, check out the gallery below:

*Pictures from here.

Let’s not forget that there’s also this theory about Jon Snow’s true lineage, which might or might not finally have hints of it unraveled in the coming season – one can hope!


And like everyone else, we’re setting our alarms for the S5 premiere of GoT. Game on 😉

We’ll leave you now with some epic blooper scenes from GoT’s S4:

UPDATE (4pm, 21st Jan):

HBO is so excited about the premiere of “Game of Thrones” S5’s preview that they’ve decided to make a trailer of the upcoming trailer.

In case you didn’t hear, HBO will be bringing the series to the cinemas this month to show the last two episodes of S4 in IMAX. After which, they will reveal the world premiere preview of S5. The only problem is, as far as we know for now, this is only applicable to the cinemas in the US. Bummer!

Let’s just hope that they’ll release the preview on YouTube after they’re done showing it off in the cinemas in the US. For now, check out the trailer of the trailer, where you’ll get a quick look of Tyrion:

UPDATE (9am, 31st Jan):

It’s finally here, the official trailer for the upcoming S5 of “Game of Thrones”. And as you would expect, it looks amazingly epic. We’re sitting on the edge of our seats as we write this because we already can’t wait for the season premiere come April!



Sources: IGN, The Verge, IBT.

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