More than just a season, Christmas is a feeling. A feeling of warmth, love, and happiness all bundled up in one.

It’s Christmas and that means mince pies, marathon of TV-watching sessions, candy canes, gifts and yes, Christmas songs. A Christmas song is complex organism. At their best, our classic yuletide anthems have always managed to find the balance between timelessness and nostalgia − tapping into a sort of greater, collective memory of a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Photo via euphemiahaye
Photo via euphemiahaye

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Whether they’re blasting from the speakers at a mall, or being sung by your family and friends, once you get into December, Christmas songs are inescapable and honestly, we’re not complaining. There’s really no point in fighting it, you might as well come to terms with the fact that for the next month, you’re frequently going to be told tales of last Christmas, wonderful Christmas times and have people be merry around and with you.

This being the case, it’s time to set aside the worries, stress, and moodiness to enjoy the festive season. To help you get into the holiday mood, we present our favourite 20 Christmas song of all time. Enjoy!

1. The Christmas Song

Yes, like most other Christmas carols, there are various versions of this particular song. We love Nat King Cole’s version the most because his warm, soothing voice just makes us feel all fuzzy on the inside. So beautiful, so magical, “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole is a masterpiece and it will instantly up your Christmas spirit.

2. Blue Christmas

Ahhh…we love Elvis, how can anyone not? His rendition of “Blue Christmas” is our favourite because he adds his rock ‘n’ roll feel to it, making it different from your typical Christmas songs.


3. Winter Wonderland

Cheeky yet undeniably charming is what you get when Rod Stewart and Michael Bublé teams up. We love their collaboration for “Winter Wonderland” – it’s intimate, heartwarming and just, oh-so-perfect, we almost feel like they’re singing directly to us.

4. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

So innocent, so harmless this makes for the perfect song to be sang by a child and Michael Jackson’s voice just shines through in this.

5. This Christmas

So soulful, Chris Brown shows off his beautiful voice and versatility with “This Christmas” and we love it.

6. The First Noel

Andy Williams’ deep and haunting voice is perfect for this song because it’s so hauntingly beautiful that it can give anyone who listens to it goosebumps.

7. Silver Bells

Martina Mcbride’s version of “Silver Bells” is so sweet and happy, it’s impossible to not love it.

8. Christmas in Harlem

Yes, we know this isn’t your traditional Christmas song but this is too good to let up. “Christmas in Harlem” posses everything you’d expect from Kanye and friends – a slick soul-sampling beat that is guaranteed to make you dance along with it.

9. What Christmas Means To Me

Stevie Wonder doesn’t just share with us what Christmas means to him, he also gives us the perfect Christmas treat with a Motown swing and harmonica solo in this track.

10. Santa Baby

So cheeky, so sexy, and so seductive, Cynthia Basinet has everyone drooling over her with her rendition of “Santa Baby”.

11. Sleigh Ride

So very different from the cutesy jive of The Ronettes’ original, TLC’s 1993 cover is a sexy R&B slow jam. Accompanied by their sultry harmonies and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ most fun-filled raps, this track is perfect with a glass of wine and your boo.

12. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

There are so many versions of this song – covers from Bublé to Bieber, but Michael and his brothers’ efforts are the grooviest and funnest! Plus, it only makes sense to have kids on the mic considering that the song is mainly used as a bargaining tool by parents.

13. Baby It’s Cold Outside

It was tough picking between Dean Martin’s version and Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s version but we’ve decided that we enjoy this one better. Joseph Gordon-Levitt adds such a sexy touch to this track, it’s almost impossible to resist.

14. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Sung by a 13-year-old Brenda Lee, this easy-on-the-ear rock ‘n’ roll tune really needs no introduction now, does it?

15. Happy XMas (War Is Over)

Euphoric and fierce, as hopeful as it is resigned, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s definitive festive peace-on-earth song has surpassed its original anti-Vietnam War purpose to become a Christmas stalwart.

16. White Christmas

Truth is, the power of Christmas’ nostalgia by itself is greater than real memories. Hence, all of us can hark back with Bing on this classic “White Christmas” for a feeling that is tenuous yet so wonderful at the same time.

17. O Holy Night

Composed in 1847, “O Holy Night” has become a favourite carol for solo vocal performances and Céline Dion’s deep sound and big voice to the classic is just simply brilliant.

18. Let It Snow

“Rat Pack” star Dean Martin’s cover of “Let It Snow” has become a staple during the festive season that we enjoy because it’s cheery and so homey.

19. Last Christmas

Wham!’s 1984 smash hit “Last Christmas” is filled with winning elements that its status as a solid gold Christmas staple has been covered by diverse talents including Taylor Swift and Coldplay. A ballad of doomed romance, “Last Christmas” features sleigh bells, synths, and some memorable knitwear in the video.

20. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Yes, we saved the best for last! Originally released in 1994, this selfless plea to be with a loved one has everything: sleigh bells, pop hooks, the right balance of soul and schmaltz, and uplifting vibes. Catchier than a Christmas cold, this is one Christmas song that we will never get bored of.

If your favourite Christmas song didn’t make our list, share it with us by sounding off in the comments section! 🙂

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