Photo via In The Mix
Photo via In The Mix

It’s that time of the year again − the most wonderful time of the year.

Last year, Diplo‘s label Mad Decent released an unexpected compilation called “A Very Decent Christmas” proving that booty bass and twinkling Christmas melodies go hand in hand. Now everyone’s delight, it’s back for round two!

The compilation released SoundCloud features Jesse Slayter and Wuki’s disconcerting take on “Deck The Halls” and a cut from Diplo himself − the “Bethlehem Edition” of he and Alvaro’s 6th Gear as well as the cleverly-titled “Twerkith On These Bells” from DJ Fire.


Mad Decent sub-label Jeffrees, which released a less festive compilation recently loaned their artist to the cause too. Now if you’re in for a little bit of cheeky fun, we recommend you drape yourself in wrapping paper and twerk it off with the help of the stream below. 😉


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