About damn time…or not? If there’s a K-Pop group that needs to be reunited again for a comeback album, it’s BIGBANG. It wasn’t too long ago when we announced that BIGBANG will make its way to Singapore to perform at this year’s “Celebrate SG50″ countdown show on New Year’s Eve (31st Dec).

Clearly, the news was very well received because BIGBANG has gone on a 2-year hiatus since the release of their 5th extended plays, “Alive” in 2012.



Although they’ve taken a break from promoting together as a group, the band has been touring a lot in Japan and all of the members have kept themselves occupied with their solo activities. Daesung has released 3 solo albums within the 2-year hiatus while G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri have each released a solo album. Just recently, G-Dragon and Taeyang also made their debut as a sub-unit group under YG HIPHOP Project. As for T.O.P, he has been focusing on his solo activity as an actor and released his second single, “Doom Dada” on 15th Nov 2013.

G-Dragon briefly spoke about BIGBANG’s comeback plans at the YG Family Concert in Seoul earlier in August this year and said that they’re expected to drop their new album in the same month. However, the plan eventually fell apart and the release of their comeback album has become indefinite.


Also, YG Entertainment has been busy promoting other artistes including WINNER, iKON, and Hi Suhyun. Thus, during an interview a cafe in Seogyodong, Seoul, G-Dragon expressed his regrets to fans but mentioned that they will make their comeback next year. No specific details were given about their album as he said:

I think Big Bang will release an album next year… I think I’ve been saying this since last year and I continue to get bashed because I said it would happen but it didn’t, so I can’t say exactly when it will happen.

During the interview, he also said that he is prepared to come back full force with the members:

I am really preparing for it now… It might sound like an excuse, but even though I’m not the type to experience a creative block, honestly it doesn’t come out as well as it used to. That is why I’ve been pondering more, and I want to greet you as soon as possible more than anyone else.

I want to bring good music, but the good music is not totally completed and things keep getting pushed back, so if you wait a little longer, we will make up for it… Although it would be nice if we could greet you soon… I think this album will be an important album for us so we are working harder for it.


At a separate interview held in Hongdae on 25th Nov, G-Dragon revealed his latest single with Taeyang was initially made for BIGBANG.

He revealed that members have been working on the songs for BIGBANG’s new album for a while now. But with the members’ busy schedules, only Taeyang and himself were working on their new album instead. However, since G-Dragon and Taeyang spent the last 14 years training under YG Entertainment, the talent agency’s CEO decided to debut them again as a sub-unit group as originally planned.

He said:

It is mostly us two working on the songs of BIGBANG. We were making one like a demo CD, and at the time T.O.P was involved in a movie. DAESUNG was in Japan and SEUNGRI was also involved in other things, so us two were working on it. When Mr YANG heard the song, he suggested we should do it, just the two of us. We joined YG since we were 13, and we featured in each other’s songs but being in a unit is a first. We thought it would be fun, so we light-heartedly accepted it.

When G-Dragon was asked to address his relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara, he avoided the question lightheartedly, and said, “I don’t have any comments to offer,” then joked to the reporters, “Maybe I’ll text you separately [about it].”

G-Dragon and Kiko dating in Seoul

So, what do you think? Will BIGBANG finally make their long-awaited comeback next year? Or will they drop a surprise album by the end of the year? Let’s hope for the best! 😉

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