Photo via Nicky Romero on Facebook
Photo via Nicky Romero on Facebook

Nicky Romero shows off his new style.

(featured image via Nicky Romero on Facebook)

Dutch DJ/producer Nicky Romero has shared what appears to be his first attempt at making a movie soundtrack. Nicky Romero covers “Requiem For A Dream” and tweeted out a private SoundCloud upload of his take on the track under his real name, Nicky Rotteveel, with the simple message “Made my first movie soundtrack today”:


This of course, is not the first time Nicky has been inspired to write with stringed instruments such as violins and cellos; his 2013 track “Symphonica” was the first taste of orchestral work by Nicky. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to see him step out of the realm of electronic music and arrange an orchestral interpretation as not many other top DJs have done so.

It is unclear whether or not this is actually for a film or if Nicky is just experimenting and trying out new sounds, whichever it is, we hope he doesn’t stop because we’re digging his new style.

You can listen to Nicky Romero’s take on “Requiem For A Dream” here. Stay updated with Nicky by following him on these platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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