Open sesame! Yup, 20th Century Fox just said the magical phrase as the studio is set to develop a new take on the classic folk tale, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”!

Having been included in many versions of the “One Thousand and One Nights”, the folk tale tells a story of Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter who discovered the key to enter a thieves’ secret cave. The story has been widely retold in many forms, which includes the upcoming adaptation by 20th Century Fox.

Shawn Levy
Source: Comic Book Cast

According to The Wrap, “Night at the Museum” director Shawn Levy is set to direct the film that has been retitled as “Forty Thieves”. Levy is also known for his work in other films such as “Real Steel”, “Date Night”, and “The Internship”. He was recently in charge of directing “This Is Where I Leave You” and “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.”


The Wrap also learned that the film will be an “adventure movie with strong comedic undertones” as it is described as being similar to “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Guardians of the Galaxy“. The film is expected to produce via Levy’s production company, 21 Laps but there’s no official announcement about the scriptwriter and the production date yet.

Evan Peters - Liam Hemsworth - Dan Stevens

As for the cast, several actors are in the running to play the male lead named Allen. The shortlisted candidates include “The Hunger Games” actor Liam Hemsworth, “Downton Abbey” alum Dan Stevens, and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” star Evan Peters. Allen is said to be a possible stand-in for Ali Baba.

While everything still kept under wraps, which shortlisted actors do you think will play Allen? What do you think of the new take on the classic folk tale? Sound off in the comments box below!


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