You’ve heard what will be taking place on stage, now read what goes on behind it! An MTV insider has revealed a tantalising treat of need to know backstage facts about the 2014 MTV EMA – revealing the real truth about what goes on behind the scenes to create and produce one of the biggest global music events of  the year that celebrates the hottest artistes from around the world.

From the top:

From the city of Glasglow:

  • This is the first time in its 20-year history that the MTV EMA has been held in Glasgow!
  • The awards will be held at Scotland’s latest landmark arena – the SSE Hydro – which only recently opened its doors in 2013, since becoming one of the most modern and exciting arenas in the world.
  • MTV cast over 2,000 local fans – via public castings and mobile castings in local schools and universities – to be part of the MTV EMA live audience, with 700 fans invited to scream their hearts out at the MTV EMA red carpet.

MTV EMA's 2014

To main show production:

  • The 2014 MTV EMA set has been designed by celebrated German stage and set designer Florian Wieder – creative mastermind who was also responsible for MTV EMA set designs in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Liverpool, and Amsterdam.
  • Although stage designs remain a closely guarded secret, MTV can reveal the show has a “time travel” inspired theme; which will be echoed on the red carpet, in the set design and via the main show performances.
  • The 2014 MTV EMA will feature one of the biggest sets EVER in MTV EMA history, measuring 50m wide by 20m high, backed with a giant high resolution LED screen and over 30m of transparent gauze.
  • To power the show, nearly 10,000 kilometres of cable have been laid down.
  • 1,200 flight case boxes have been used to transport equipment such as lights, cameras and tripods.
  • 30 HD cameras are used to shoot the show and 40 TV screens have been installed backstage.

Special effects:

  • To ensure a truly explosive 20th anniversary celebration, the MTV EMA will be ignited by 600 pyrotechnics during the main show including spitfire flames, air flame explosions and smoke storm machines. (Watch out for the exploding microphone stand!)

To hair and makeup:

  • The 40 person MTV EMA professional makeup artist team has spent over 500 hours with internationally renowned makeup artist and MTV EMA guru, Glam Squad’s Debbie Dannell.
  • A backstage wiggery has been installed to house over 500 over-the-top wigs, 300 hairpieces, 200 weaves, and 100 poly heads, with the onsite help of 22 expert hairdressers.
  • Collectively, the MTV EMA Glam Squad has racked up over 80 years of experience working on the show with many professional makeup artists returning to the show year after year from all over Europe!
  • The team includes a specialist graffiti artist – The Urbanist – who has a unique way of treating the human body as a living canvas!


  • Despite the scale of the event, an intimate team of 15 wardrobe staff have worked around the clock to produce more than 80 costumes for dancers, presenters and artistes.
  • The team has used over 200 metres of fabric, 50 metres of chiffon and 1,000 hand-sewn rhinestones.

MTV EMA's 2014

Artiste and crew catering:

  • 2014 MTV EMA performers, presenters, and crew will enjoy over 40,000 delicious meals and snacks from specialist showbiz caterers Eat Your Hearts Out (EYHO) using locally sourced, high quality ingredients.
  • The most popular dessert, served at the MTV EMA, is sticky toffee pudding – a to-die-for treat for the hungry MTV EMA crew!

The incredible dancers:

  • This year’s troupe of 30 dancers, selected by MTV EMA veteran Aicha McKenzie of AMCK (from 700+ who auditioned!) will be choreographed by Kristin Denehy.
  • Dancers will perform with giant headdresses – whilst fire-juggling – 4 metres up in the air (but fortunately not at the same time!)

The casting calls:

  • Over 1,000 people came along to the 2014 MTV EMA open castings, including: 3 groups of cheer leaders, 2 school teachers, twins, a mother and daughter duo, a unicorn, who drove through the night from London and waited outside the venue from midnight, and a performing hotdog!
  • The casting team also saw a husband and wife rapping duo, an opera singer, a juggler, break dancers, beat boxers, a champion tap dancer (2nd in the world) and none other than Miss Glasgow!
  • A grandma came to collect granddaughter then decided to audition – to “We Will Rock You”.
  • The casting unit went “mobile” to local schools, colleges and universities, they auditioned over 500 students.

And last but not least, the world of digital:

  • To retain its crown as one of MTV’s biggest social experiences of the year, MTV has flown in its team of 20 digital media experts who will be working 24/7 to deliver content for MTV’s social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Imoji, and Vine.
  • The 2014 MTV EMA app is available on iOS and Android in 10 languages, while the 2014 MTV EMA website is available in 19 languages across 34 regions.
  • Fans at home can check out exclusive behind-the-scenes shots and clips via the MTV EMA website, including shots taken from a 360-degree essence booth – just as the stars are about to walk the “timelessly” fabulous red carpet!

For more pictures from the awards, check out the gallery below:

*Pictures from Getty Images.

Miss the 2014 MTV EMA? Fret not! The show will repeat on the following times:

Pre Show

  • Monday, 10 November at 7pm (WIB), 8pm (SG/PH), 9pm (MY)
  • Saturday, 15 November at 12pm (WIB), 1pm (SG/PH), 2pm (MY)

Main Show

  • Monday, 10 November at 8pm (WIB), 9pm (SG/PH), 10pm (MY)
  • Tuesday, 11 November at 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SG/PH)
  • Wednesday, 12 November at 2pm (WIB), 3pm (SG/PH), 12am, 4pm (MY)
  • Thursday, 13 November at 5.30pm (WIB), 6.30pm (SG/PH), 7.30pm (MY)
  • Saturday, 15 November at 1pm (WIB), 2pm (SG/PH), 3pm (MY)
  • Sunday, 16 November at 5pm (WIB), 6pm (SG/PH), 7pm (MY)

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For more information, hit up the MTV EMA website.

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