Photo via Knife Party on Facebook
Photo via Knife Party on Facebook

It looks like Knife Party is trying to make up for pushing back the release date of their forthcoming album “Abandon Ship” by hosting sneak peaks via various networks.

On November 10th (Monday), one week before the official release date, Zane Lowe will feature “Abandon Ship” as his ‘Album of the Week’ on BBC Radio 1 complete with an interview with the brains behind the project, Rob Swire. The following week will see Knife Party and Thump team up foe the full album premiere.

To top it all off, the Knife Party team will be  throwing an epic launch party for the album through Mixify on November 23rd (Sunday). Open to all, the party is guaranteed to be a bomb.


Check out the track list below, and don’t forget to pre-order the album on iTunes.

Track List:
1.       Reconnect
2.       Resistance
3.       Boss Mode
4.       EDM Trend Machine
5.       404
6.       Begin Again
7.       D.I.M.H
8.       Micropenis
9.       Superstar
10.     Red Dawn
11.     Give It Up
12.     Kaleidoscope

For now we leave you with one of our favs from Knife Party “Centipede”.

For more on Knife Party, stalk them via these platforms: Website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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