There really is no stopping Calvin Harris.

As the roll out for the 30-year-old DJ/producer’s fourthcoming studio album Motion continues, Calvin Harris has released the video to his new single “Open Wide”. When Calvin Harris released the official track list for Motion, one of the many collaborations that stood out was with rapper Big Sean. Off late, more and more dance music producers have been venturing into the hip-hop territory, and Calvin Harris has done just that with “Open Wide”, a tune that sounds rather similar to one of his current releases.



If your first thought was, “Hey, “Open Wide” sounds a lot like “C.U.B.A”,” — Calvin Harris’ instrumental Beatport number one hit — well then that’s probably because it does. Taking full advantage of the incredible success he achieved with “C.U.B.A”, Calvin Harris has reworked it into a hip-hop masterpiece. Along with the refurbished tune comes the music video which features a gun shootout in the middle of a desert with Calvin Harris and Big Sean right in the middle of it.

Personally, we have “Open Wide” on repeat and we think you would to. Seriously, just check out the video below and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Pre-order Motion on iTunes today and Open Wide will instantly be downloaded to your library.


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