Johnnie Walker® awakens the beauty of black with new global campaign “Make It Black.”

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Johnnie Walker® Black Label® has revealed its exciting new campaign with international artist, Mattia Biagi, as part of the Johnnie Walker® Character series. This fresh direction champions the individual taste and personality profiles of the different Johnnie Walker® variants. Following in the Keep Walking heritage, the Character series celebrates the progressive spirit of Johnnie Walker® fans and the drink that unites them.


Famed for his powerful black artworks, Mattia Biagi partnered with Johnnie Walker® to find the perfect expression of the Black Label character and showcase the powerful beauty of black. The scene features a dramatic transformation, as items representing classical luxury are turned strikingly black and intense with the use of paint and fire, and consumers are inspired to “Have Bold Taste And Intense Character”.

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Johnnie Walker® Black Label® has launched its “Make It Black” campaign featuring a series of events designed to bring to life the boldness and intensity of the new campaign for fans to enjoy. Following two highly successful club level events, Johnnie Walker® is taking Make It Black to a whole new level by hosting the largest and most exciting event the campaign has seen this October 31st (Friday). By invitation only, so as to safeguard it is the biggest fans of the brand who are seeing the beauty of black come to life, this event sets to redefine how whisky is perceived.

The “Make It Black” campaign is yet another milestone the brand has achieved as it moves away from its classic image of Johnnie Walker® Black Label® to an edgier, more vibrant personality. Inspired by Generation Y, the youthful, independent risk-takers, “Make It Black” aims to inspire fans to leave lasting impressions by making bold decisions.

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“Make It Black” is a very literal celebration of the incredible drink that has brought us all together today,” said Natalie Harley, Senior Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker® Malaysia. “However, expect the unexpected this Halloween, as we have a lineup that is going to blow everyone away. We have been working with numerous local talents, people who have mastered their craft and share the same passion and creativity that we do, to create a showcase performance. We wanted to bring something new and exciting to fans of Johnnie Walker® Black Label® and hope they join us on the 31st October as we set the night on fire!”

“Fans know the instantly recognisable smoky, complex yet balanced flavours of Johnnie Walker® Black Label® but some have forgotten the progressive and inspirational spirit that John Walker bottled when he created this iconic whisky. We hope to re-ignite their passion and inspire our fans to start thinking differently about Johnnie Walker® Black Label®. We’re taking a huge risk with the elements in this performance but we wanted to honour our core ethos. We hope that guests leaving Make It Black, 31ST October, see that making bold statements and having courage in your convictions leads to amazing results and go on to feel inspired to express their individuality with their own bold statements,” she added.

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Watch the new Johnnie Walker® Black Label® advert below:

More information on the “Make It Black” campaign and events are available on the Johnnie Walker® Malaysia Facebook page.


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