In South Korea, people are obsessed with coffee and desserts, so much so that the country appears overcrowded with coffee shops and dessert cafés. But if you have noticed, Koreans have gone crazy over a new food trend lately and the trend is set to become a global craze soon.

Brace yourselves, Malaysians. The honey comb ice cream craze is set to hit Malaysia this year!

Milkcow Malaysia


The honeycomb/honey chip ice cream became the latest food trend that has hit the Asian market ever since Softree, a premium dessert café chain opened its first outlet in Seoul, Korea. New desserts cafés have popped up all over Seoul as they jumped onto the bandwagon by introducing a honey chip ice cream in their menu.

Although Softree came out with the concept first, but in terms of global expansion, Milkcow is one step ahead of Softree as the premium dessert café is set to open its first Malaysian outlet in mid November.

Served in a cone or cup, the signature soft serve ice cream at Milkcow is a honeycomb ice cream which is made out of 90% organic milk and topped with fine quality honey. From the bitter dark honey to the sweet pale honey, there are many different honey flavours to choose from and the menu offers a wide selection of toppings such as macaroon, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and so on.

Launched earlier this year, Milkcow has the largest outlet in Gangnam, Seoul and have already set their eyes on a global expansion by opening more outlets in other parts of the country. “School 2013” actor Lee Jong-suk and the “King of Ambition” actress Go Jun-hee have signed on with the brand to become their ambassadors as well. The 2 was paired up as a couple in the advertisements to help create a happy image for the brand.

So far, no further details about their first Malaysian outlet have been released yet. Take this with a grain of salt but the brand dropped hints that the ambassadors might come to Malaysia to promote the brand too.

Hey, wishful thinking, right? 😉

UPDATE (21st Nov):

Aww yeah!


After months of testing, Milkcow Malaysia has confirmed that their first outlet will officially open on November 28th this year!

Milkcow Malaysia Official Launch

Unlike the first Magnum cafe in Malaysia,  Milkcow Malaysia is located at Lower Ground of the Gardens instead of Mid Valley. The brand has also announced that more details about the official launch of their outlet will be released so stay tuned for more updates!

For more information, check out Milkcow Malaysia’s official Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.

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