It’s official. The next Marvel film that Robert Downey Jr is going to join will be “Captain America 3”!

No prizes for guessing which superhero is Robert Downey Jr going to portray in “Captain America 3”, of course.

Captain America and Iron Man


Robert Downey Jr will reprise his role as Iron Man in the sequel of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Earlier last week, Robert Downey Jr dropped hints that he will be involved in other Marvel projects and perhaps this is the film that he was talking about.

As he only has 2 films (“Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Avengers 3“) left in his current contract with Marvel, his role in “Captain America 3” indicates that Marvel could still be negotiating with Robert Downey Jr for his involvement the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Civil War

Rumour has it that the new Captain America film might be based on the event series “Civil War”, in which the major players include Iron Man, Captain America, New Avengers, New Warriors, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. In the comic series, the superheroes in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe were divided into two sides: one that supports the government’s registration program for superhumans and one that opposes the program.

The one who supports the program will follow Iron Man’s lead while the one who opposes will follow Captain America’s lead instead. It was also rumoured that Captain America’s presumed death might take place in “Captain America 3” and Winter Soldier will take over as Captain America for a short period of time.

Robert Downey Jr is not the only that has joined cast of “Captain America 3” as Jeremy Renner might reprise his role as Hawkeye in the film as well. “Captain America 3” is one of the movies that have been included in the Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is scheduled for release on May 6, 2016.

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