You couldn’t ask for a better Sunday with clear skies, music, friends and a gallery of 30 top Doodle Arts from 10 universities in KL – especially for Syed Wasifuddin Hyder whose doodle was selected as the 2014 Red Bull Doodle Art champion last week. With over 750 Doodle Art entries submitted for the first ever Red Bull Doodle Art competition here in Malaysia – it sure proved to be a tough call honing in on a winner.

“It’s all about the identity of the piece and the originality and freedom that can be seen in the strokes. Doodle Art is all about bringing to life that fragment of imagination you are in at that exact moment. He had this unique statements in his piece and we look forward to seeing what he’s going to bring at the World Finals!” said judge “Fritilldea”, a renowned Malaysian artist.



Red Bull Doodle Art is a chance to share doodling skills with the world. And one, just one doodler from each participating country will score a trip to Cape Town, the 2014 World Design Capital. The winning artwork from each country will be on display in the Global Design Gallery. At the show, one international winner will be crowned and given an exclusive Red Bull design internship.

Hyder, Malaysia’s very own, will be representing Malaysia in Cape Town, South Africa – the design capital this 2014, as the first Malaysian to showcase Doodle Art creativity on an international platform.


Coming in as the second runner up – Lau Wai Hong and first runner up Muhamad Hanafi Ghazali also displayed spontaneity and a unique trail of their imagination in their piece.

To view more pictures from the competition, check out the gallery below:

For more information, visit Red Bull Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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