No longer the “Primadonna” girl, Marina and the Diamonds is now the “froot” lady!

She has finally released a new song in conjunction with her birthday!

Marina and the Diamonds


It has been a while since Marina Diamandis (or better known as Marina and the Diamonds) has released anything, especially after sweeping the world with “Primadonna”. But on her 29th birthday, the singer has finally returned to the music scene with a new song, “Froot”.

Best known for her hit songs “Hollywood” and “Primadonna”, Marina earlier announced that she has begun writing material for her upcoming third studio album in February 2013. After working on the album for more than a year, the Welsh singer updated her Instagram with a a snippet of her new song “Froot” in September 2014:

Together with David Kosten, it seems like the singer has produced yet another masterpiece album that is filled with her dreamy pop style.

The singer has also earlier teased the fans by revealing the full lyrics to the song prior to the release of the album:

Marina and The Diamonds Froot Lyrics


Set to be released in early 2015, “Froot” is the title track of the album of the same name.

Although this is just a lyric video, we must say the music video is filled with fun and quirky elements that matches her new song. The song reminds us of theme songs that we typically hear in a video game but with some 80s pop style and her dreamy vocals.


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