So the interwebs went just a tad crazy again this week when a picture of Brad Pitt decked in full Bob Marley gear, dreads and all, resurfaced. It led people to think that Brad was slated to play the deceased reggae legend in a supposed upcoming biopic.

Well, sorry to disappoint you guys but it’s not true.

Brad Pitt Bob Marley


As for the picture, it came from a photoshoot 2 years ago when Brad Pitt dressed up as some of the most iconic people in the entertainment industry. And yes, he didn’t only dress up at the Rasta star – he also posed in a leather jacket with an early 90s slicked-back hairdo to resemble the infamous James Dean.

And while his getups made him look both eerily and impressively like the stars that he was paying tributes to, Brad Pitt really does take his movie roles into heavy and serious consideration before agreeing to them.


For example, despite pulling off an excellent Bob Marley look, a role like that (for a white guy) would inevitably make a laughing stock out of Brad Pitt. Hence, out of respect for his wife Angelina Jolie and his kids, it’s never going to happen. He opened up to discussing movie roles with Celebuzz when he said:

I want it to be worthy enough of a story to leave the family, you know? They’re everything… The family is first… I don’t want to embarrass them.

Oh well, no Bob Marley biopic starring Brad Pitt then. It was worth the suspense for awhile though.

See the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot in the below gallery:

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