Remember that iconic scene in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” where Quicksilver runs with supersonic speed in the kitchen to save Wolverine, Magneto and Professor X?

This one:

X Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver kitchen scene

The gravity-defying scene became one of the most memorable scenes in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Despite only appearing in the film for a short while, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver emerged as one of the film’s most popular characters all thanks to that iconic scene. This also helped the movie rake in over USD700 million at the box office worldwide.


But, have you ever wondered about the sorcery behind the scenes? How did he run horizontally without falling off and onto the ground? Well, we’ve finally got our answer as Google Play has released a behind-the-scenes video to show how they did it!

In the video, Bryan Singer and the production team explained how they created that iconic scene with a high-speed video camera and some other high-risk techniques:

As if that wasn’t enough to get us excited, the 20th Century Fox marketing team spoiled us with another series of social media campaigns to promote “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

Prior to the release of the film on DVD/Blu-ray, the marketing team created an Instagram account and a Vine account for Quicksilver aka Peter Maximoff after the character went immensely popular after the film. It is not clear if Evan Peter is portraying Quicksilver in the viral video but it is a creative campaign that shows how Quicksilver’s supersonic speed can save him from some troubles, like this:

But of course, Quicksilver isn’t the only one that will keep us watching the film. 2 new viral websites have also been created for the film to further entice the fans to watch the film.

Similar to Marvel’s viral sweepstakes campaign, X-Men fans are expected to choose a side: advance the world as a whole or destroy the mutant threat.


For those who wish to unite the humans and the mutants, Tandem Initiative is founded to seek the genetically gifted generation and believe that the Homo Sapiens Superior will advance the world.

The website is meant to be a fun and interactive website for fans to share their story about their extraordinary abilities. In fact, fans who submitted their photos to show their abilities while holding the #WeAreGifted banner automatically become participants of the film’s sweepstakes.

As for M-Underground website, the group’s aim is to expose those who have created a rift between humans and the genetically gifted. Although their intention is to expose the truth, the information they’ve gotten seems to point toward that Tandem Initiative is a threat to the world. M-Underground further convinces the human mankind that John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy are mutants in the hiding by laying out all the evidences of their mutant abilities.

The M-Underground features a viral video, in which the website claimed that it was hacked off the Tandem Servers. The video includes various footage of the scientists’ research reel and mutants in action.

Set to be released on October 14th, the film’s Blue-Ray and DVD will feature the gag reel bonus and deleted scenes off the film. The gag reel also include a kiss scene between X-Men star Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry who were in their respective film roles.

The sequel of the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” will hit theatres on May 27, 2016 and it has been confirmed that Bryan Singer will once again helm the X-Men film franchise.

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