“Awww they are so cute!” , we always scream/squeal whenever our favourite TV couples are on screen. It’s always the fictional relationships (or not?) that makes us long for a relationship like theirs too. The relationships may not be real but the on-screen romance sets our hearts on fire. Our hearts slowly melt into a little puddle while watching the on-going chemistry between the couple.

Now, if you are still searching for your own version of Romeo or Juliet, look away because these TV couples could be your new guidance to finding your true love! From the comedy pairings to the crime-investigating partners to office lovers, their on-screen romance is here to stay:

1. Monica & Chandler (Courteney Cox & Matthew Perry)

TV Couple Monica and Chandler

Ross and Rachel or Chandler and Monica; it’s always hard to pick a favourite between these pairings because both pairings are iconic examples of true love in TV history. However, Monica & Chandler emerged as one of our all-time favourite couples because there isn’t a single dull moment with this couple!

From “best friends-for-life” to “married couple-for-life”, we weren’t kidding when we say we take our relationship lessons from them, even the ridiculous ones.

2. Lily & Marshall (Alyson Hannigan & Jason Segel)


This oddball couple is just the happiest married couple we’ve ever seen. Through Ted’s flashbacks, we can tell how much they love each other despite obstacles that they’ve faced in their lives. They knew instantly they were made for each other when they first met in college. They knew they were inseparable although Lily’s artistic interests came in the way of their relationship.

So, they devoted themselves to each other and made sure that their relationship will go on to become legen…wait for it…dary!

3. Leslie & Ben (Amy Poehler and Adam Scott)

Parks and Recreation Leslie and Ben

Not all happy relationships began from a good friendships, and that was further proven by Leslie Knope who treated Ben Wyatt so badly because Ben was about to fire her co-workers. But of course, Ben had no cruel intentions what-so-ever, and things only turned out better than expected: they fell in love with each other. Oh, there is such thing as fate.

No matter how bad the problem was, he was always there for her through thick and thin. They brought us tears and laughter throughout the series and if we must add, we just love how they secretly talk to the camera about how they feel about each other!


4. Mulder & Scully (David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson)


Let’s face it, Mulder and Scully is the epic couple in TV history and no one has dared to deny that. They weren’t all mushy and adorable with each other all the time but there were a lot of unforgettable moments that proved they were always meant to bring out the best in each other. Working together on the unsolved cases also allowed them to know about each other more, even from the beginning when Scully caught Mulder reading a porn magazine.

And so, the relationship started to blossom quietly and whenever situations got real dangerous, they always counted on each other to get out of the trouble. Ah, is it just us or did that sound like a scene from an epic love story?

5. Jim & Pam (John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer)


It doesn’t matter if office romance was not allowed, Jim and Pam turned out to be the best example of how the dating ban will never hinder their love for each other. Although Jim had an unrequited love for Pam from the beginning, his fantasy turned into the reality when they began dating and even got married and later had a baby together.

With some jokes thrown in the mix, it came to us as no surprise that their relationship has become one of our favourite parts of the show. Jim ultimately won us over with his romantic gestures for Pam that saved their rocky marriage life.

6. Ned & Chuck (Lee Pace & Anna Friel)

TV couple Ned and Chuck

Despite being one of the most underrated TV couples, Ned & Chuck made it into the list of our favourite TV couples for their whimsical love story. Ned brought his childhood crush, Chuck back to life through his magic touch, that worried him a lot because she’d die if he ever touched her. Thus, Ned dealt with his stress by baking pies, lots of pies, which he used to channel fear into anger, via stress baking.

Fortunately, Chuck is into Ned too and both of them expressed their love through some unconventional ways, as long as they weren’t touching each other. Their first kiss? It was funny yet romantic at the same time, but at least it saved Ned from “killing” Chuck! It’s too bad that the TV series was cancelled so soon 🙁

Now, we know that there were a lot more TV couples that we didn’t put in the list but that doesn’t mean that you can’t share your favourites with us! Just tell us why you love a particular TV couple and share their most adorable moments in the comments box below!

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