The Stafford Brothers sure know how to party!

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Capricorn Kuala Lumpur officially opened its doors to Malaysians on 11th September. One of the latest additions to Kuala Lumpur’s already busy and happening nightlife, Capricorn KL is located along swanky Jalan Kia Peng and the launch was anchored by none other than Australia’s #1 DJs the Stafford Brothers.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Matt and Chris Stafford are known for their crazy parties and highly energetic sets. Returning back to Kuala Lumpur for the second time, the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs ranked duo put on a crazy show making the grand launch of Capricorn KL an epic one!


The 2-storey club was jam packed with clubbers and although there was barely any space to stand, let alone walk, partygoers still had the time of their lives dancing the night away. From dropping crazy beats to throwing blown up Kangaroo balloons to the crowd, the Stafford Brothers lived up to their reputation of throwing massive parties!

Lucky for Hype.My (yes, that us), our good friends from Capricorn KL hooked us up with an exclusive interview with the Stafford Brothers before the craziness started. Here’s what the 2 very good looking, very talented, and yet very humble brothers had to say.

Q: Hi guys!! It’s so good to meet ya’ll!

Matt: Hey ya!! It’s great to meet you too!

Chris: Hey! Thank you, it’s lovely meeting you too! 

Q: So you came to Malaysia back in 2012 for Future Music Festival Asia. How does it feel to be back?


Matt: Yeah yeah! We are. It’s great to be back. It was a really good gig and a really good crowd at Future Music Festival Asia so we’re glad to be back in KL. Also, this club is pretty happening, so we’re excited to get out there.

Q: What do you think sets apart the Malaysian crowd from the others?

Matt: Well we’ve only had one experience so we can’t really tell you but that one experience was good because everyone was jumping, having fun. It was a great festival crowd.

Chris: Yeah it was a brilliant crowd at Future Music Festival Asia. Everyone seemed to know what the music was about and everyone had fun. Can’t tell you what sets apart the Malaysian crowd from the others just yet, but the last time we were here, it was crazy so that’s fantastic.

Q: What about the difference between the Australian and American crowd?

Matt: A lot more money in America. That’s seriously the difference. Like in America, they all party really hard.

Chris: Yeah the Americans are ballers! In America, they’re bringing out bottles and money, money, money. Australians are more grounded.

Photo via Ganesh GV
Photo via Grenade Films

Q: You’ve collaborated with rappers like Lil Wayne and T.I. What inspired those collaborations and what was it like working with them?

Matt: We’ve always wanted to work with hip hop artistes which was why we went to America. That’s pretty much how it all came together. It was great working with Lil Wayne and T.I. They’re really cool.

Chris: Yeah and they’re pretty massive. Some of the biggest guys in the game. So working with them was a fun experience.

Q: With DJ Mag Top 100 DJs polls coming to a close soon, who do you think will be in the top 5 in 2014?

Matt: Very good question. I don’t know for sure but I think Hardwell will be up there. Probably Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, and Avicii too.

Chris: I don’t know. Haha but yeah definitely Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and maybe Calvin Harris?

Q: What would you guys say is the highlight of your year so far?

Matt: Tomorrowland was pretty cool. We’ve always wanted to do that. Every time we play in Vegas, it’s pretty much a highlight. Surfing in Malibu was a highlight for me. Haha

Chris: Yeah and we’ve also done Ultra so we’ve ticked off a few things that we’ve wanted to do.

Q: Where to after Kuala Lumpur?

Matt: Tomorrow we go to Tokyo, Japan. 2 shows in 2 days. Then we have a few days off. Then it’s Shanghai and Macau before heading back to America.

Chris: Yeah that’s one thing we’ve always wanted to do, go to Japan. We’ve never been there so it’s quite exciting.

Q: How do you guys kick back and relax once the party is over?


Chris: SLEEP. But that’s not happening tonight. Tonight we go straight to the plane.

Q: Stafford Brothers are known for throwing crazy parties. What’s the craziest party or fan moment you’ve experienced?

Matt: A lot of topless girls. HAHAHA. That’s when you know sh*t’s getting crazy. When the tops come off.

Chris: We’ve had bras being thrown on stage. But sometimes the craziest things happen after the show. Let’s just say, we’ve been to a lot of strip clubs. Hahaha.

Q: If you guys had to, which would you give up, hearing or sex?

Matt: Sex. Because without hearing, I can’t get work done.

Chris: I would give up sex. It’s just sex right? Like I can still do the others things? Hahaha. As long as I can do everything else. 😉

Photo via Ganesh GV
Photo via Grenade Films

It was such a pleasure talking to the Stafford Brothers. Big thanks to our friends from Capricorn KL for making it happen. Keep updated with Stafford Brothers via these platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you missed out on the grand launch of Capricorn KL, check out the video below for the 411.

More on Capricorn KL can be obtained here.

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