Oh no!

Lee Seunghoon, a member of new Korean pop group WINNER, was sent to hospital, after he fell off the stage during the encore segment of the YG Family concert in Singapore on Sunday night (14th September).

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The 22-year-old had been performing with his band mates and label mates PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and Epik High at the concert, which was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, during the accident.


In videos of the concert posted on social media, Lee can be seen falling off the stage when he apparently missed a step while filming a video of label mate Epik High’s DJ Tukutz on a mobile device. He later re-joined the other singers for the rest of the segment.


According to a statement from concert organisers ONE Production, the singer is doing well and has been discharged:

Immediately after the show, Seunghoon was sent to a hospital for treatment, and no serious symptom has been found under doctor’s diagnosis. He is currently discharged from hospital and is resting now. YG, Live Nation, and One Production deeply appreciate all the fans worrying about his sudden injury during the show. We would like to assure all fans that Seunghoon is fine and well.

Phew. We’re glad he’s alright!


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