Last week, we were invited by our friends at the newly opened Kilo Grill, a new eatery that will change everything that you’ve ever known about a traditional barbecue (read: Korean) restaurant. For starters, they serve close to no pre-seasoned meat at all. Secondly, Kilo Grill offers a selection of produce that you can cook from Argentine sea prawns to Spanish Iberico pork, to baby octopus and even the premium John Ross Scottish smoked salmon!

But first, a little backstory to Kilo Grill.

Kilo Grill Publika


Kilo Grill is a bold new barbecue concept restaurant that’s a little bit Western, a little bit Korean, and a little bit Japanese. Western in terms of the types of meat that are available, Korean in terms of the indoor barbecue concept, and Japanese because it has a conveyor belt system. The owners, Martin and Victor tell us that Kilo Grill is their first venture into the F&B business and the eatery is located right next to a Korean barbecue restaurant in Publika. One might think that that’s double the bold move but Victor assured us that it’s easy to immediately tell them apart from a typical Korean barbecue outlet because of what they serve.

The name “Kilo Grill” stems from the way in which your average traditional market would sell you produce – by weight/size. Hence, one should always remember to attempt a meal at Kilo Grill with an empty stomach and a huge appetite because you’re going to be roped in for a feast!


We were first introduced to what we think makes Kilo Grill truly unique – their homemade condiments which ranges from yakitori sauce to mayonnaise. After which, they brought out the goods – plenty of Spanish Iberico (black pig) meat, mega Argentine sea prawns, baby octopus, and loads of vegetables. As mentioned, the meat isn’t actually seasoned so you get to savour ’em and let your tastebuds experience the real deal post-barbecue, before slathering the sauces on. Fantastic!

Let us just say that a bite isn’t enough.


While waiting for the meat to be cooked, our palates were teased with servings of premium John Ross Scottish smoked salmon tartare and devilled eggs. Oh, and just so you know, John Ross Scottish smoked salmon holds a Royal Warrant, having supplied Her Majesty the Queen of England and the Royal network of kitchens with fresh and smoked fish for over 25 years. Prestigiously branded? Yes. Delicious?

We don’t even have enough words to describe it.


John Ross Scottish Smoked Salmon

After which, we were served the perfect “end note” that would wrap up the feast, none other than a one-of-a-kind type of ice cream which we foresee, could just be one of the main reasons why people will continue to flock to Kilo Grill to eat – their “Petai Ice Cream”. Sure, it’s an acquired taste, but we reckon it’d be a hit especially amongst their Malaysian customers. Something you could wash down quickly even if you don’t fancy it with a bottle of Taiwanese beer, perhaps? And yes, they do serve alcohol.

Our verdict? When can we go back?

Kilo Grill World Cuisine Barbecue is located at A2-UG1-01, Solaris Dutamas.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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