K-Pop idol boy group BIGBANG’s maknae Seungri’s activities have been put on hold due to the injuries that he suffered in a car accident which happened earlier this morning.

This incident hit home really hard for K-Pop fans especially because it’s coming just a little soon after the tragic accident that took the lives of both Ladies’ Code members, EunB and RiSe.

According to KBS, around 3:30am, the 23-year-old idol Seungri‘s white Porsche collided with another vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, in the next lane. The car was traveling towards Ilsan on Gangbyeonbuk-ro, and the accident happened right in front of a Dongbu Ichon-dong apartment. After which, YG Entertainment reassured media outlets and BIGBANG’s as well as Seungri’s fans that he’s okay although hurt his liver and had some mild internal bleeding.


An agency rep stated, “The report that Seungri injured his liver and is undergoing surgery for it is false… Although he sustained slight internal bleeding, the medical team made the diagnosis that it’s something that will be fully healed if he takes it easy for a week.”

YG Entertainment also confirmed that Seungri would have to be hospitalised for about a week.

Seungri (centre) with BIGBANG members G-Dragon (left) & Taeyang (right)
Seungri (centre) with BIGBANG members G-Dragon (left) & Taeyang (right)

This means that BIGBANG will be one member short when they perform at the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power In Singapore concerts over the weekend (13th and 14th September). Shucks 🙁

Get well soon, Seungri. Speedy recovery!


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