In this technology-driven world where smartphone users are constantly finding for new ways to communicate or share content, the most popular apps downloaded are usually social media ones. Or just social ones – beyond the staple Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram apps.

The past month has seen the release of some pretty interesting social apps such as Bolt and Hyperlapse. Bolt is a messaging app that connects you with your friends via “one tap photo messaging” while Hyperlapse is geared to change how you share your Instagram content. Both apps are great and addictive, and in a way drives you to compete with your friends to come out with creative ways to say or do something.

Now, another social networking app has begun to slowly make waves around the globe – the newly developed app called “Bengga”.


Bengga App

What is this “Bengga” app? “Bengga”, when translated into English from Spanish, means “Go”. And quite simply, that’s what the app is – a call to action. Unlike other social media apps, Bengga instigates a photo conversation that less detached than say Instagram among its users through the process of something they developers call, “ReBengga”.

Fun fact: “Bengga” is a Filipino-made app. One of the very first!

For example, if you decide to upload a photo of your dessert and caption it, “My Slice of Heaven” on your Bengga account, with the “ReBengga” feature, your friends may attempt to outdo you by sharing their own “My slice of Heaven” photos. These “ReBengga” photos are posted to your initial post. After which, you will all be able to compare and converse with one another. You and your friends my also opt to vote for the best photos and then, based on the number of votes, the ph0tos will then be ranked.

In this case, “Fly high!”:

Bengga Rebengga

What is does is that it creates a friendly competition between you and your friends and thus, making “Bengga” something more than just a photo-sharing social platform. So, if you think you take amazing photos with your smartphone, get ready to share it and “compete”. Or, if you think you take amazing photos, get ready to see how it matches up against someone else’s photos!

Be prepared to share, compare, do, and outdo your friends.


Bengga ReBengga Vote

Note: Probably not for the overly kiasu.

“Bengga” is available for download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

For more information, visit its official website.

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