Who would’ve known that we’d find a road rage video of this kind on the interwebs?

On 2nd September, a YouTube user who goes by the handle, “EGoZA AS” posted up a road rage footage titled, “Severe Chelyabinsk Disney”. The video garnered more than 5 million views just 2 days after it went up on YouTube.

Severe Chelyabinsk Disney Road Rage Video


Yes, because it “stars” Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Scrat (the squirrel from the “Ice Age” animated film franchise).

Timestamped 30th August, the clip was captured by an in-car dashcam. From the video, a van is seen overtaking a minivan, after which both vehicles pull over in the middle of the road. The driver of the panel van gets out and after inspecting the back of his vehicle, he appears to be calling the other driver (from the minivan) out to settle a dispute. It is not known if there was an accident in the first place.

Severe Chelyabinsk Disney 3

Then, suddenly, 4 “familiar” figures are seeing running out of the minivan to charge at the panel van driver. The mascots beat and kick him to the ground before fleeing the scene into their minivan, leaving the panel van driver on the ground and in agony.


What did you just watch? We know, right? We share the same sentiments. While it got the attention of many bewildered netizens, it has also been suggested by many that the video was staged.

Hmm. What do you guys think? Was it staged?




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