Justin Lee, son of former Yuanta CEO Lee Yueh-tsang, and was a regular on Taipei’s high roller club scene. Not only was he rich, he would also meet girls in bars and luxury nightclubs such as the Barcelona Bar where he reportedly still has an outstanding tab of over 430,000 yuan (NT$2 million, US$67,000). He was also reported to have been romantically involved with Taiwanese models Maggie Wu and Terri Kwan.

However, he has a shocking vice: While out clubbing, he would identify a target and after plying said target with drinks, he would take her back to a hotel room and spike her drink. Once his victim was unconscious, Lee would rape her, documenting the crime with videos and photographs – without her knowledge. He has since recorded over 25GB of pornographic footage in which he would either show off to friends or blackmail and extort his victims (if they were famous or wealthy). These victims include more than 60 celebrities, actresses, models, artistes, and a TV host.

Justin Lee Scandal


His collection was so large that he even had a film classification system, organised by “performance ratings”, victims’ personal attributes, sexual preferences, and ratings for “tightness” and “wetness”. His collection included 178 photos and 93 videos, amounting to a shocking total of 883 minutes of footage in 48 separate folders. At the height of his crime spree, he raped and/or recorded as many as 16 women in a month.

In 2011, 2 sisters filed police report against him. After which, the police discovered the files of his computer and had him arrested in November 2012. Now, after more than a year-long investigation into his activities, Shin Min Daily News is reporting that the Taiwanese playboy has been sentenced to 79 years and 7 months in jail for rape.

Source: http://www.scmp.com/
Source: http://www.scmp.com

He was found guilty of abducting a number of women home, videotaping them in sex acts, and raping 9 of them. Taiwan’s High Court meted out the most severe punishment on the wealthy scion – several times harsher than the earlier sentence given by a district court (30 years in jail).

In addition, he has to pay his victims compensation amounting to 27.45 million Taiwan dollars (S$1.15 million).

Is the above too light of a sentence? Does he deserve a heavier punishment for the crimes that he has committed? What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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