Uh, oh! SBS Sunday variety show, “Roommate” is in big trouble now as cast member Shin Sung-woo has revealed his intention to leave the show. He posted up the following on Twitter yesterday:

Shin Sung Woo Leaving Roommate
Source: Shin Sung-woo’s Twitter

Despite the broken English in the tweets, it is clear that the singer-actor has intentions to leave the show after his fellow cast members left the show due to scheduling conflicts. SBS has yet to confirm his departure yet but if it’s true, Shin Sung-woo will be the 4th member to drop out out of show.

SBS Roommate Park Bom Park Gayeon Lee Sora
SBS Roommate former cast: Park Bom / Park Gayeon / Lee Sora

Earlier in July, 2NE1’s Park Bom was the first member to leave the show as she was caught up in the drug smuggling scandal. Few weeks after her departure, her roommates, Lee Sora and Song Gayeon have decided to leave the show as well. The representatives of the show revealed that their departures were unrelated to Park Bom’s departure as Gayeon wanted to focus on MMA fighting competition and Sora left due to scheduling conflicts.

Shin Sung Woo Roommate
Source: Shin Sung-woo’s Twitter

As Sung-woo has established a close relationship with them in the show, the actor naturally felt that “it is time for him to exit”, as explained in his Korean tweets:

I will be leaving the “Roommate” family. The reason I became a roommate was because I wanted to get closer to my younger juniors and the public, and to fill an empty place in my heart. However, as they leave one by one, I get the feeling this is my time to exit. Please keep supporting the new members who will be entering soon! I will be together with my juniors in my heart. Please keep loving Roommate and show the remaining family your love!

It has been a bumpy ride for since the beginning of the show as its release date was pushed to May due to the Sewol ferry tragedy. With the cast departures, the show now only feature 7 celebrities living together in a house instead:

  1. Lee Dong Wook
  2. EXO‘s Chanyeol
  3. After School‘s Nana
  4. Seo Kang Joon
  5. Park Min Woo
  6. Jo Se Ho
  7. Hong Soo Hyun

What do you think of the cast departures? Do you think the new cast members will pick up the ratings of the show in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below!

(Source: 1, 2 / Featured image via SBS)

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