Say, what can you buy for 5 sen these days?

Maybe half a cube of ice (won’t even help you with your #ALSIceBucketChallenge), 3 popcorn kernels (movies would be that much boring and that much hunger-inducing), 3-and-a-half French fries (sure, if you were on a diet), and a whole lot less. Fret not! We know a place where you can score yourself a yummy glass of the all-time Malaysian favourite “anytime, anywhere” drink for only 5 sen.


Yup. That one.


This Merdeka (31st August, Sunday), Teh Tarik Place is taking it back to the old school and offering glasses of teh tarik at only 5 sen per glass. Why? Well, they are called the “Teh Tarik Place”, after all. What’s the catch? Nothing, really. Except for the fact that the Merdeka Day promotion is only valid for dine-in customers. Fair enough, if you ask us!

And where, you ask? At these Teh Tarik Place outlets:

Teh Tarik Place 5 Sen Teh Tarik

So, what say you? Want a taste (or more) of your favourite “national beverage” this Sunday for only 5 sen?

You know where to go!

For more information, visit their official website or their Facebook page.

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