The news about Uber supposedly being declared illegal broke this morning and it has caused a serious uproar amongst Malaysians.


If you haven’t already heard of Uber by now, then here’s what you’re missing out on.


Uber is a transportation service that was launched in Malaysia in October 2013. UberBlack is one of its premium products which features more luxurious sedans such as Toyoto Camry, Nissan Teana, and Honda Accord. Using a mobile app as its virtual connectivity platform, UBER connects drivers to rides in over 160 cities around the world.

Understanding that UberBlack could be a tad too expensive for some, Uber recently launched a more affordable version of their service called uberX. Featuring cars such Perodua Myvi, Nissan Almera and Toyota Vios, UberX is cheaper than UberBlack and is also 15% cheaper than budget taxis.

Personally, I’m an avid user of Uber myself so I was rather upset when I heard about the whole commotion from the Taxi union. As someone who goes out partying almost every weekend, I rely on Uber to get me to my destination and to get me home after. I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say Uber should be allowed to continue its services here in Malaysia.

Here are some reasons why I say so:

uber receipt

1. Uber doesn’t allow cash payment. Uber users will know that in order to use Uber, they will have to register with their credit card or debit card on the app. This method is useful to users because users won’t have to worry about not being able to get a ride when they don’t have cash on them. Also, through this method, users will get a receipt sent to their email after they’ve used the service. The receipt includes a full fare breakdown of their journey – base fare, distance and time, which allows users to understand why they’re being charged the amount they are.

Copy of Uber Fare Quote
Copy of Uber Fare Quote

2. Uber allows users to get a fare quote. With this service, users can get a quote before deciding whether or not they want to ride with Uber.

split fare


3. Uber users can split payment with friends. This is great because if users are travelling with a friend, they can share the cost with their friend by splitting the payment with him or her. For example if the fare comes up to a total of RM20, each passenger will only be charged RM10.


4. Uber provides users with the details of the driver. When a Uber request has been accepted, the details of the driver – name, car model, car number plate, and driver’s rating will be displayed on the app. This method will help keep users aware of who their driver is and what car they will be picked up in, which is great because it avoids any miscommunication and confusion.

5. Uber drivers will call the user upon confirmation of request. When a request is picked up by an Uber driver, the driver will call the user to double the confirm the pick up point and to let the user know his estimated time of arrival (ETA).

6. Users can share travel details on Facebook. Allowing users to share their trip on social media sites is brilliant because this way, friends and family members of the user can track and keep an eye of the user at all times.

Photo via Denesh Dmaniac on Facebook
Photo via Denesh Dmaniac on Facebook

7. Users can send Uber to pick someone up. Have a friend who is not an Uber user? No worries. You, as an user, can request and send Uber to them. For example, Uber user, Denesh Dmaniac (refer to pic above) requested for Uber to pick his girlfriend up because he didn’t feel like sending her for her meeting. According to him, he was confident in letting Uber pick his girlfriend up because he is able to track the driver live on his app.

8. Uber provides mineral water for users. Brilliant for users who are under the influence of alcohol after a party or night out, Uber drivers offers the user with an unlimited supply of mineral water. Even if the user is not under the influence of alcohol and would like to have some water, they can.

9. There is no midnight surcharge. Not having midnight surcharge is a plus point because this way, users can travel at anytime of the day and still be charged at the normal rate.

10. Uber drivers are friendly and well spoken, and therefore, they treat users like queens and kings. Some drivers will even get out of the car to open the door for the user. Given that it is a luxurious car service, this service is pretty much the cherry on top!

Uber users have taken to social media to announce their frustration ever since the news of Uber supposedly being declared illegal in Malaysia. Here are some of the things that have been said:


Uber fans and users have created a Facebook group and page in support of Uber. I personally believe that Uber’s services should be allowed to continue here in Malaysia.

What say you?

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