Previously, we introduced you to some of the behind-the-scenes shots and reels of what takes place during the post-production of your favourite movies and TV series. This includes one of the most successful TV series of our time, “Game of Thrones” (GoT), which costs about USD6 million per episode to produce, labelling it as the most expensive series on television.

Why, you ask?

Game of Thrones Khaleesi Season 4


Well, talent fees, manpower, filming equipment, costumes, and other miscellaneous costs aside, a lot of visual effects go into making GoT happen the way George R.R. Martin had imagined it to be. Hence, lot of movie magic are added to real locations in Ireland, Croatia, and Ireland. In fact, a visual effects reel has been released from Rodeo FX, the company that worked on the show’s fourth season.

The reel shows off a before-and-after look at how the show’s elaborate production design come together. Because, how else to make Westeros this much real, right?:

Sure, the above video just made everything look so easy because everything is fast-forwarded but as seen in the video, a lot is green screened and added in post production. Mostly just to amplify scenes with more fantastical or dangerous elements. And that’s not to say that the show’s sprawling set pieces aren’t are already gorgeous and very much real to begin with. It’s just that a majority of the epic GoT setting revolve around the massive armies and exotic locales.

Isn’t it jaw-dropping though? Which brings us back to our point in the beginning – GoT costs about USD6 million per episode to make. And now you know why.

The filming for GoT’s S5 is currently underway in Spain, with promises of bigger and better things to come. Exciting times ahead!



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