1. Good Vibes Festival

We had one of the most amazing weekends as we caught Empire of the Sun, Ellie Goulding, Banks and more at Good Vibes Festival. The festival which took place at Sepang Go Kart Circuit, saw local acts like Indiego & Co., Ko Pi Go, Kyoto Protocol, Danger Disko and Lapsap rock the house at the Green Stage (Heineken Star Club). Despite the heavy downpour in the evening, festival goers had a fantastic time dancing around as they watched their idols on stage.


Empire of the Sun performed at the red stage at 10.00pm and put on a solid performance for fans. From the crazy lights to spectacular costumes, it felt like it was a giant circus on stage and boy, it was fantastic! Ellie Goulding then closed the show with her amazing performance. From her energy to her beautiful voice to her interaction with the crowd, Goulding was the best end to such a glorious festival.

2. #MH17: Netizens Create Online Memorial

Friday, August 22nd, was declared Malaysia’s National Day of Mourning. United in grief, Malaysians paid respect to the lives lost on Malaysia Airlines downed Flight MH17 as their remains were transported back home on Friday. In respect, remembrance and honour of the 298 passengers onboard Flight MH17, netizens have set up a virtual memorial which is accessible via Facebook. The e-memorial page contains details of all the passengers and cabin crew.

MH17 Elaine Teoh

3. #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

In order to raise awareness about ALS, otherwise known as the Lou Gehrig Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that attacks the brain and the spinal cord, former Boson College baseball player, Pete Frates, 29, from Massachusetts started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has become one of the most successful viral campaign of our time. People from all across the world has taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and ever since the challenge went viral, the challenge has reached a stunning $70.2 million in donations. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has seen, Malaysia’s very own Khari Jamaluddin, some of the world’s best DJs/producers, celebrities, industry greats and also YouTubers partake in it.


4. #MIMSForHumanity Project


A group of local musicians has restored our faith in humanity. #MIMSForHumanity (Malaysian Independent Music Scene) is an alliance of 8 local independent acts that have come together to make a stand for the oppressed, to highlight and alleviate human suffering while instilling empathy in Malaysians regardless of race, nationality and religion. The acts: AZUREFORJANNE, Blister, Kyoto Protocol, Massacre Conspiracy, MuddMonkee, Roshan Jamrock (of K-town Clan), Sayla (of Dose Two) and Shake N’ Bake joined forces to create a song “Make Your Stand” to express the need to make a stand against all of the oppression that the world has been facing.

5. #SUJU makes a comeback

Super Junior Mamacita

K-pop fans were blessed with some lovely news last week. Korean group Super Junior  has confirmed that they will be making their comeback this August! Best known for their songs “Sorry, Sorry” and “Mr. Simple” a teaser image of the boys dressed in cowboys outfits for their new album, Mamacita, has been released. Their comeback is slated for August 29th. *screams!!*

Last week sure was fantastic. We can’t wait to see what this week has in stored for us! Happy Monday everyone! 😀

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