Thank you all for being such troopers! As promised, here is the list of the lucky winners who will be attending our LUCY screening on 20th August (Wednesday)!

  1. Anthony Lee
  2. Marissa Mei
  3. Von Tan Li Kim
  4. Lim Mei Ing
  5. Lee Mei Yee
  6. Amanda Chew
  7. Andrea Ong
  8. Sammie Ho Li Peng
  9. Sandra Toh
  10. Leonnie Fernandez
  11. Sasha binti Kamaruddin
  12. Suzanne Lim
  13. Teh Xuan Min
  14. Ahmad Fariq Noor
  15. Jimmy Lee
  16. Eleana binti Jamaluddin
  17. Ahmad Baqri
  18. Jennifer Tan
  19. Nana Fuad Noor
  20. Wayne Law
  21. Kenny Teh Beng Choo
  22. Sebastien Woo
  23. Alyssa Lim
  24. May Chi Wong
  25. Wong Winson
  26. Khor Jit Peng
  27. Li Ann Tan
  28. Yee Vonne
  29. May May Li
  30. Sebastien Woo
  31. Stephanie Lim
  32. Joyce Tan
  33. Kingston Kok
  34. Selina Tan
  35. Tan Yaw Hin
  36. Au-yong Sin Lu
  37. Tan Chee Ming
  38. Cassandra Wong
  39. Wong Wei Meng
  40. Amanda Chow
  41. Sarah Ling
  42. Teresa Mah
  43. Xavier Tan
  44. Peng Yee
  45. Tristan Chew
  46. Low Yee Lian
  47. Fatin Nadia
  48. Sin Toh Ming
  49. Gillian Marie Ann
  50. Nicholson Chin
  51. Bryan Chan Fu Yuan
  52. Ang Keat Ki
  53. Nic Crilly-Hargrave
  54. Lim Siow Teng
  55. Cheryl Lee
  56. Nazrin binti Jalil
  57. Goh Yoong Chinh
  58. Yeoh Bee Lian
  59. Nor Nadia Abdullah Marzuki
  60. Woo J.Sern
  61. Farhana binti Mohd Azman
  62. Muzafar Rais Bin Marwazi
  63. Ong Hsien Min
  64. Ong Kye Li
  65. Goh Siang Joo
  66. Melissa Woo
  67. Stephanie Yong Siew Kim
  68. Bob Low Yee Think
  69. Mohd Nasri Afiq Bin Adam
  70. Rachel Tan Su-Ping
  71. Yong Naythan
  72. Chu Ee Mey
  73. Nicholas Ng Jia Zheng
  74. Tay Cheng Young
  75. Lyn Kong
  76. Elly Elinna
  77. Yong Seat Jian
  78. Choong Mac Wai
  79. Nicholas Yong Zhan Shern
  80. Tan Shuei Li

Congratulations, peeps! That’s a pair of passes per winner. Of course, all of this was only possible thanks to our awesome friends from United International Pictures Malaysia.


Deets of the screening are as follows:

Date: 20th August (Wednesday)

Time: 9:15pm (Ticket redemption from 8pm onwards)

Venue: Hall 3, TGV 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

IMPORTANT: As stated in our contest T&C, winners are required to redeem their tickets at the cinema. Please present your IC for identification purposes. Tickets are strictly non-transferable. Hype Malaysia reserves the right to refuse the collection of tickets for those who attempt to transfer it from one contest winner (in whose name it is registered) to another person.

Source: United International Pictures Malaysia
Source: United International Pictures Malaysia

For more information about LUCY, visit the movie’s official website.

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