1. Livescape Group’s epic “IT’S THE SHIP” announcement

Livescape Group will take Singapore by storm as it presents a mega event concept destined to rival Asia’s highest profile festivals. “IT’S THE SHIP” will be a 5D4N jam-packed experience aboard the award-winning “Voyager of the Seas” Royal Caribbean cruise liner. International and regional headliners will perform on multiple stages full steam ahead in a first-ever journey of this magnitude in Asia. More exciting announcements to come but meanwhile:


2. 2NE1 leader CL’s wardrobe tour (by VFILES)

Ever wondered what a K-Pop idol’s wardrobe must look like? We know of one with a massive wardrobe comprising of clothes that strongly follows her group’s loud, colourful, and hip hop concept. Follow 2NE1 leader CL in this video were she invites you into the YG Entertainment building in South Korea for a bit before escorting you to her massive wardrobe! The video also includes a short snippet of CL performing at a 2NE1 show:

3. CNBLUE’S “Can’t Stop” live in Kuala Lumpur (by IME Productions)

Known for their amazingly energetic performances, CNBLUE returned to Kuala Lumpur once more as part of their “Can’t Stop” concert tour, in conjunction with the release of their 5th mini album of the same name. They rocked Stadium Negara about a year ago so when we knew that they were coming back, expectations were high! Did they disappoint? No. Do we have withdrawal symptoms? A big yes.

4. The #GotG end credits scene aka the baby Groot dance (by Marvel)

Nope, not over it. In fact, we’ve openly admitted that we’re suffering from the post “Guardians of the Galaxy” depression. Luckily, our friends from Universal Music Malaysia sent us the deluxe “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack. We haven’t been able to stop playing track #7 on disc 1 ever since. Which song is that, you ask? The one with the baby Groot dance:



5. Malaysian Auto-Correct Fails (by JinnyboyTV)

Our friends from JinnyboyTV released a brand new video that focuses on the mistakes we make on a daily basis. Auto-correct fails. Because really, who hasn’t fallen victim to not-so-accurate or unintended-word-swap auto-corrects? See if the ones you’ve personally experienced were equally as embarrassing as the ones in the video below. Heck, if you have funnier ones to share, let us know in the comments later:

And that’s a wrap for the week!

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