In late October last year, a transportation service was launched in Malaysia. With a mobile app as its virtual connectivity platform, Uber connects drivers to riders in 160+ cities around the world. And goodness knows Kuala Lumpur has always been in dire need of something that’s reliable, safe, and fuss-free!

So, 6 months ago, we were introduced to UberBLACK.



Whether it’s after a long night of partying or an event far away from the city, the service ensured that riders know exactly where they’re heading to and don’t get cheated by a ridiculously hiked up price. While that was all fine and well, UberBLACK is a premium product which features more luxurious sedans such as Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana, and Honda Accord.

Hence, could be just a little pricey for those who want to depend on UberBLACK to get around.

Fret not!

Just today, Uber announced the launch of its low-cost product, uberX. Withint the same app, you can now book a ride with the same Uber reliability and convenience, but with one marked difference – price.

In fact, the price of an uberX ride is 15% lower than budget taxis and therefore, makes riding an uberX cheaper than even some shopping mall parking dockets! Oh, we know you’re thinking, “What are the uberX cars then?”

Well, the uberX vehicles in Kuala Lumpur includes:

  • Perodua Myvi
  • Nissan Almera
  • Toyota Vios

All in a variety of colours and styles too, with enough seats for 4 passengers. The fare examples (may vary depending on route taken and traffic conditions) are as follows:


uberX Fares

And will uberX be compromise anything, since it’s reasonably cheaper?

Other than the cars, no. Because Uber is adamant that rider safety and satisfaction remain their highest priority. All drivers and partners undergo Uber’s rigorous screening process including a stringent background check, a driving history check, and ongoing quality assurance via Uber’s rating system!

Want in on an astonishingly cheap and secure ride in the middle of the night? All partied out and perhaps just a little too drunk to drive? Simply download the Uber app into your smartphone and get a personal driver! The app is available via the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store on iTunes.

For more information, visit their official website or follow Uber Kuala Lumpur via Twitter!

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