Say bye bye to words that don’t make any sense as a clip-on will soon be made available to help you type better on your iPhone.

LA-based Typo Products LLC, which lists TV personality and “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest as its co-founder, has launched an iPhone accessory called the “Typoe 2”. It’s a clip-on physical keyboard/keyboard accessory that gives iPhone 5 or 5S owners a proper QWERTY keyboard alternative to the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard.

What’s more, the keys are backlit so that texting in the dark isn’t a problem! It also has its own features such as automatically offering caps, quotations marks, and apostrophes as and when its predictive text system thinks they’re required.


Here’s what it looks like:

Typo 2 iPhone Keyboard

Typo 2

Looks familiar?

In fact, there was a previous version called, the “Typo Keyboard”, which was launched in January but was quickly withdrawn because BlackBerry had filed a lawsuit claiming intellectual property violation. BlackBerry won the case and as such, a sales ban was imposed on the accessory.

But that didn’t stop the company because, nevertheless, “Typo 2” will start shipping in September and will be priced at USD99 (plus international shipping costs for overseas buyers). More information is available via their official website here.


Meanwhile, in other iPhone-related news, the next-generation iPhone/iPhone 6 is expected to be revealed at Apple’s “big media event” on 9th September. What do you think the smartphone(s) will look like? Apparently, Taiwanese superstar Jimmy Lin knows.

Let’s see if it’s spot-on this time around!


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