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Having pulled through YG Entertainment’s reality-survival program, “WIN: WHO IS NEXT”, the 5-member WINNER will now get what the deserve – a release date.

After almost two months’ worth of teasers and several appearances in their sunbae’s (seniors’) shows, including 2NE1’s #AONMalaysia concert, YG Entertainment’s newest boy group is ready to meet the world officially for the very first time. According to this YG-LIFE blog post, the boys’ debut album will be released online on 12th August at midnight. This digital release will be followed by a physical release on 14th August.


Check out the teaser image here:

Source: YG-LIFE blog
Source: YG-LIFE blog

As stated in the image above, there will also be a special launch event for fans on 6th August. The event will be held at Conrad Seoul, the same place the press conference was held one year ago for “WIN: WHO IS NEXT”.

Sadly, we can’t be there. But based on the “2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH” teasers, we’d imagine it to look like something classy, something like this:


YG Entertainment has released the track list for WINNER’s debut album. Trust YG to be full of (good) tricks because not only will the album come packed with 10 songs, they just surprised fans with the some unexpected details for one of WINNER’s title track.

Named, “Empty”, the track appears to have been composed by B.I., with lyrics written by both B.I. and Bobby. Yes, of Team B. On top of that, Minho will have his own solo song (for “He’s Strong”), as well as Taehyun (for “I’m Confessing). Yay!

Check it:

Source: yg-life.com
Source: yg-life.com

And yes, you guys better be ready for WINNER!

Meanwhile, here are 10 interesting facts about the group:

  1. Leader Kang Seungyoon was a former Superstar K2 contestant and he was in the final 4.
  2. Seungyoon made a solo debut. During which he released multiple tracks before the airing of YG’s reality program.
  3. The group’s main dancer Lee Seunghoon is an ex-contestant of the reality-singing-contest-show K-Pop Star S1.
  4. Rapper Song Min Ho (aka Mino) was a trainee in Brand New Stardom and was selected to be in the final line-up for BLOCK B but left the group at the last minute.
  5. WINNER has not officially debut yet even though they were the opening act for BIGBANG’s 6-dome Japan tour.
  6. Kim Jinwoo is YG’s oldest trainee.
  7. Nam Taehyun is the youngest member in the group and he was recruited in a private audition together with Jinwoo.
  8. After the program ended, WINNER had their own 10-episode reality show “WINNER TV” , which was aired on Mnet.
  9. WINNER was featured as backup dancers in Taeyang’s Ringa Linga music video.
  10. The initial release date for WINNER’s full album was by the end of February 2014.

For more information, visit WINNER’s Facebook page.

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