There’s nothing new about discovering hidden gems in the depths of YouTube, on both the local and international front. Gems such as aspiring beauty vloggers, short film producers, comedians, game reviewers, documentaries, choreographers, cat/dog/hamster/insert-cute-animal-here videos, you know the drill. But perhaps the most accessible videos on YouTube are that of the aspiring musicians.

We have our favourites such as David Choi, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, Kina Grannis, Jayesslee, Malaysia’s very own Elizabeth Tan, Marie Digby, Jason Chen, Boyce Avenue, and more recently, 32-year-old Peter Hollens. The talented acapella vocalist first got our attention when his “Epic Disney Medley” video went viral. It was so good that we forgot it was an acapella cover while we were listening to it!

Also, a big plus is the fact that they went all out for the music video too, complete with locations and costumes. If you haven’t seen it, here:


Did you get goosebumps or what? We sure did!

To date, Peter has over 750k followers and has accumulated nearly 63 million views on his YouTube channel. His channel also boasts collaborations with fellow YouTubers such as Nick Pitera, Lindsey Stirling, Mike Tompkins, Sam Tsui, Tyler Ward, George Watsky, Alex G, and even his wife, Evynne Hollens.

Source: Peter Hollens' Facebook page
Source: Peter Hollens’ Facebook page

And if that’s not impressive enough, it was just announced that Peter has earned a record deal! Awwyis.

As announced by Sony Music, Peter inked a deal with its classical and crossover label, Sony Music Masterworks. Upon the announcement, Peter told Mashable, “We’ve been in talks for a few months, but nothing was set in stone until just recently. Honestly, with a 4-month-old, and a full-time job, I’ve had so little time to celebrate. I really need to find time to do that.”

Peter Hollens will release his debut album on 28th October this year. We’re excited! Can you tell?

For more information, hit up Peter Hollens’ Facebook page.

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