Our inner nerds are screaming in excitement! It looks like Warner Bros is trying to make a movie franchise from Anne McCaffrey’s sci-fi book series, “Dragonriders of Pern”.

Dragonriders of Pern Anna McCaffrey

The book series was written by Anne McCaffrey and it tells the story of a group of warriors who tries to save the exotic planet of Pern. Pern is threatened by the deadly spores, “Thread”, that comes with an orbit of Red Star. But the warriors aren’t the only ones that will eventually save the planet as they team up with the fire-breathing dragons, “the wyrms”, that incinerate the spores with their flames.


Since it became one of the biggest selling sci-fi series, the producers from Warner Bros Network and Toronto’s Cooperheart Entertainment has been trying to bring them to the big screen. However, the rights were then reverted back to the author after both projects fell apart.

Drew Crevello Warner Bros
Warner Bros’ exec Drew Crevello / Variety.com

As “The Hobbit” trilogy is coming to end later this year, Warner Bros is undertaking the dutyof adapting the 22-volume book series, “Dragonriders of Pern”. According to Deadline, the deal is completed by Warner Bros’ new senior VP of production Drew Crevello who had previously worked on the X-Men franchise at Fox. Warner Bros’ Creative Executive Julia Spiro has been selected to work on the project too.

First a Harry Potter spin-off film and now, a sci-fi fantasy film about fire-breathing dragons with telepathic powers? Keep ’em coming, Warner Bros!

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