Just admit it. You think your epic selfies or your cat’s selfies are so awesome that you wish someone can turn them into emojis instead, don’t you?

Well, your wish has been granted. A group of friends from San Francisco just created this brand new app called, “Imoji” and it can totally turn any picture (specifically selfies) into an emoji!



Imoji sticker

And here we thought that we were the only ones having troubles trying to convey our emotions through the limited emojis in our phones.

Thankfully, this new app allows us to show how we actually want to look like (in response) in a text conversation. It is definitely a great way to keep a text conversation going and avoid misunderstandings with the wrong emojis.


During an interview with the Forbes, Imoji co-creator Tom Smith said that they wanted to make the text conversations a tad more interesting with personalisation and creativity. Each of them were given different tasks to handle in the team, with Smith mainly managing the product design and development.

The pre-release version of the app has already brought in quite a bit of traffic in their  system, judging by the amount of “sends” and Imojis that have been created. Smith also noticed that the app’s users have been exercising their creative juices quite a bit as the Imojis have been adjusted to various shapes and sizes imaginable.

But sorry, Android phone users. The app is currently made available for download from the iTunes store only (there goes your chance to create some Tom Hiddleston emojis). If you’re too lazy to create them on your own anyway, then just sit back and chillax because there are more than 250 emojis are coming your way soon!


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