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In April, it was announced that Marvel will be celebrating its 100th anniversary, where they’ll invite a host of talented creators celebrate the future of the Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, and more!

Upon the announcement. senior editor Nick Lowe said, “We’ve had a bunch on anniversaries lately at Marvel. Most of our characters have had their 50th anniversary in the past couple years. We’re in the middle of Marvel’s 75th anniversary as well. It was (former Senior Editor) Steve Wacker’s idea originally, that it would be fun to tackle a 100th anniversary, to imagine our characters as they might be in 40 or 50 years.”


As such, each week in July would see a new 100th Anniversary Special featuring a team or solo hero as they might appear in their far-flung future. It’s not only an opportunity to muse on the future of some iconic characters, but a chance to see some of the most exciting creative talents of today set loose on five wildly imaginative stories.

Now, one of the many 100th Anniversary Special series have surfaced, which surprisingly features a place close to our hearts:

Source: Marvel
Source: Marvel

And the story goes:

There’s been a huge war with the Badoon Empire, which has left Earth barely victorious: poisonous and polluted, and thanks to the deployment of of the Great terror Weapon, the whole American continent has been transported to the negative zone. A devastated Captain America’s gone in search of his homeland, and the Avengers are scattered and displaced, setting base in..

..Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Source: comixology.co.uk
Source: comixology.co.uk

How will the Avengers of 2061 cope? That is where James Stokoe’s Marvel 100th Anniversary Special issue, an Avengers #1, opens.

What else can you expect from the “Marvel 100th Anniversary: Avengers #1” issue other than it featuring our homeland? Editor Jonathan Moisan says:

Even in 2063, the Avengers are still dedicated to helping and protecting those that need protecting In this case, that means what remains of Earth after a failed Badoon invasion and America getting sucked into the Negative Zone. And while they do end up fighting the son of a familiar Marvel villain, they manage to not only stop him but also find a habitat for an endangered species. Y’know, just a normal day. In the world of 2063, the Avengers are still the same heroes you know and love – sort of. There’s Rogue and Beta Ray Bill. Doctor Strange, who’s currently inhabiting his 13th body by the time we see him here. And what would an Avengers comic be without Tony Stark? Of course, his body has been destroyed and Stark Tower is a huge Iron Man suit containing a segmented piece of his brain, but that won’t stop him from helping the team. We also see an appearance by Captain America, but I won’t spoil more than that here.


Hang on, does this mean that we can start calling the Avengers our homeboy/homegirls now? You know, for obvious reasons (Kuala Lumpur represent!). Who’s rushing to go get a copy? The digital copy should be available for purchase here.

Meanwhile, check out this gallery* for more sneak peeks:

*Source: comicsandcola.com

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