Uh oh. Mr Boogie is back to haunt our dreams as the sequel for Scott Derrickon’s “Sinister” is set to release on 21st August 2015!

The movie is claimed to be one of the most successful horror movies as it earned more than $48 million but produced on a $3 million budget. The film has surprised the critics and fans for its combination of creepiness using the footage found in the haunted house’s attic.

Scott Derrickson Sinister


The cast for the sequel has not been announced yet but the previous film casted Ethan Hawke as the lead. The actor played his role as a true crime novelist who moves into a new house with his family and discovers a box of disturbing home movies that led the family into experiencing a series of supernatural horror events.

The film also features a demonic figure aka Mr Boogie, that goes on to become one of the most iconic characters in horror movies.

Sinister 2015

The sequel for “Sinister” will join the horror empire next year and it will be directed by Citadel’s filmmaker Ciaran Foy. The original director Scott Derrickson is currrently working on Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” after the release of his 2014 horror film, “Deliver Us From Evil”. However, both Derrickson and the writer C.Robert Cargill are still in the production team as they will be writing the script for the sequel.

While we patiently wait for the trailer of the sequel to be released, here, refresh your memory by watching the trailer of the first “Sinister” film:


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