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Oh, what? What did you say? The “I AM HARDWELL” tour dates in Australia could be just a little too expensive for your allocated partying budget? Then have we got awesome news for you!

But first, just a little information on the current world #1 DJ and his epic world tour before we break out the “good stuff”.


Hardwell (real name Robert van de Corput) has performed at world’s biggest festivals such as Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Sensation, Coachella and Ultra Music Festival. His “I AM HARDWELL” has been running for more than a year now! Having announced his (super far away from us) North American stops, it was recently revealed that Hardwell, will be adding a tour date in the Southeast Asian region for his solo world tour after all:

Yes, in beautiful Saigon, to be exact. And that’s not all! According to the “I AM HARDWELL” tour website, his Vietnam show will feature one of his best friends and fellow DJ/producer, Kill The Buzz.

If you haven’t heard of Kill The Buzz (how come?!), he’s featured in this video of Hardwell skydiving to fulfil his DJ Mag bet.



Tickets will go on sale on 4th August (Monday) so if you really, really want to catch Hardwell before his solo world tour it’s officially over, be prepared to start clicking.

Here’s the floor plan for the show:

Source: ticketbox.vn
Source: ticketbox.vn

Also, if you really, really love Hardwell, don’t forget to vote him for this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs!


For more information, visit the “I AM HARDWELL” Facebook page.

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