Wednesday jam!

Photo via EDM Tunes
Photo via EDM Tunes

You can’t go wrong with a little bass and upcoming bass act, SMLE, knows exactly what we are talking about. SMLE stirred up a buzz on Souncloud last month after dropping their chilled-out original track entitled “Everyday” and yesterday, July 22nd, they dropped their remix of Owl City’s hit single “Fireflies.”

SMLE’s remix of Owl City’s 2009 six-time platinum single beautifully showcases their special mix of electronically-produced sounds and live instruments including the piano, guitar and drums. Their remix version of “Fireflies” opens with two gentle piano melodies caressing each other before dissolving into a lounge feel. The soothing and smooth progression accompanied by beautiful bass notes is made even more exciting with effortless vocal manipulations creating a dreamy atmosphere.


If you’re having a rough day, just close your eyes and sink into SMLE’s beautiful world with this beautiful flip of the charming pop original.


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