Celebrities’ hackers have struck again!

This time around, Super Junior’s Donghae became the target of the hackers that has forced him to delete his old Instagram account.

Super Junior Donghae Instagram Hacked


Following the news of Sehun’s warning on his Instagram account, Super Junior’s Donghae informed his followers about the hacking incident through his own Twitter account and asked followers to follow his new Instagram account.

In separate tweet, he said:

Someone hacked my into my Instagram account so i deleted it. It was a place where i could communicate with my fans- not sure who did it but all i can say is that i don’t feel really good at the moment.

Even though he has deleted his old Instagram account, his followers can still stay updated about his life via his new Instagram handle @dongdonglee1015. As soon as Donghae’s new Instagram account was created, he gained both old and new followers and the initial announcement helped him garner over 100,000 followers within an hour.

Donghae also uploaded a new picture on his Instagram and captioned it, “Please don’t hack”:

Source: instagram.com/dongdonglee1015
Source: instagram.com/dongdonglee1015

After Donghae confirmed the hack, Donghae’s group mate Eunhyuk posted the same tweet on his Twitter account but their fans questioned the tweet and wondered if all the members’ accounts have been hacked.

But of course, Eunhyuk quickly debunked the rumour and cleared all suspicions with a new tweet:

Eunhyuk Donghae Instagram hacked
Source: Eunhyuk’s Twitter



Because Lee Donghaek said copy and upload it so I did, I’m now thinking if I should follow him or not, this is why you should be nice to me usually you fool. (cr: @WorldwideELFs)

EXO’s Sehun also helped Donghae to inform his followers as well but it caused a confusion among fans after he copied Donghae’s tweet and posted the same content on his Instagram account.

Donghae Sehun Instagram 140722
Source: Sehun’s Instagram

Since Eunhyuk has clarified about the same content they have been putting, we are assuming that the “maknae” was only doing what he was told to do so that he can (gladly) help his fellow label mate too.

Both Super Junior and EXO have always maintained such a good brotherhood relationship in SM Entertainment. They have always been very supportive of each other, as seen in the below Instagram posts that they’ve previously uploaded. It sure does look like Super Junior’s Donghae has been taking care of EXO’s Sehun like his own little brother!

Aww, how cute are they?


Great news, peeps! Just an hour ago, Donghae uploaded a picture on his original Instagram account to say that he has gotten his Instagram account back:

The post has quickly garnered over 80,000 likes and over 7,300 comments in just one hour – and counting! Fans have left him sweet messages too, to welcome him back with wide open arms and lots of love. Wow. Goes to show how excited and supportive his fans are, don’t you think?

Welcome back, Donghae!

On another note, the hacking incident has raised concerns among fans because it’s alarming what sasaeng fans are capable of doing. What do you think about this hacking issue? Are there any ways to stop them from happening again?

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