Did you know? All it takes is Tom Hiddleston’s commentary and the noise of car’s acceleration to get a car ad to be banned from TV.

Earlier this year, Luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover cast various British actors including Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston for their ad campaign, “#GoodToBeBad”. The ad aimed to promote the Jaguar F-type coupe and Hiddleston showed why “Brits play the best villains” in his ad entitled “The Art of Villainy”.

Jaguar Good to be Bad
Source: Jaguar’s Facebook

The ad campaign received great response after it was aired during the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), Super Bowl.


However, Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) promptly removed the commercial after receiving a consumer complaint that the ad encourages irresponsible driving.

Tom Hiddleston Art of Villainy
Source: Youtube

Jaguar later explained that policemen were present throughout the shoot to ensure that the car was driven under the speed limit.

However, the agency later argued that Hiddleston’s on-screen commentary and the noise of acceleration added to the overall impression that significant speed was suggested and thus, encouraged irresponsible driving.

To be fair, it does sounds like the car was speeding on the road but we think that the ban is a little too harsh on the company. Since the agency said “the ad must not appear again in its current form”, perhaps the carmaker should consider taking away the noise of acceleration from the ad?

What do you guys think, after having seen the video of the ad above? Sound off in the comments!


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