Yes, Annabelle is a nice name. But if you were to put that name on a doll, let’s just hope that the doll isn’t the same possessed doll as seen in the trailer for new horror film, “Annabelle”.

After announcing the official release date of “The Conjuring” spin-off, New Line has finally released the official poster and teaser trailer for the film “Annabelle”.

Conjuring spinoff Annabelle New Line


The trailer opens with a rather confusing scene, in which a husband gifts his wife a creepy-looking doll for her doll collection.

Clearly, the doll isn’t just any still doll as the married couple later experienced a series of weird paranormal events in the house. What kind of paranormal events, you ask? Well, watch the trailer and you’ll know what we mean:

If you don’t think the trailer for “Annabelle” is scary enough, fret not! More horror films are coming your way next year and hopefully your heart is strong enough to watch them all.

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