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Photo via YouTube
Photo via YouTube

“Rude” – the debut single of the Canadian reggae band called Magic! was released in December 2013 and the catchy track has since gained worldwide recognition. The track with lyrics that go “Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I’m gonna marry her anyway” is probably the anthem for boyfriends who are planning to propose. I mean after all, the song is about a boyfriend who calls his girlfriend’s father rude for turning him down when he asked the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Now, Magic! may have gotten boyfriends on their side with “Rude” but we’re pretty sure they were not expecting a father to make a counter rendition of their song. This man and father, Benji Cowart, made up his own version of the track telling the “dad’s side of the story” and his YouTube video has gone viral ever since it’s release on July 10th.


“Seeking permission to marry my princess, son what’s wrong with your big head?” Cowart sang. “It’s the first time I met you, why would I let you run off with my baby girl?

“Get back in your Pinto. It’s time that you go. The answer is no.”

Cowart’s clever play on MAGIC!’s single gives another side to the story and well, it sure did make us laugh. 

Check out Cowart’s version here!


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